Do you have a store?
No, we don’t have a storefront. We are just a small company and work to keep our high quality by making each collar and leash by hand. As a home-based business that sells predominately online and through wholesale, we don’t entertain customers at our home for security reasons. Your best option for sizing and selection is to order through our website or contact/visit one of our retail partners.  You can also email me or message me through our facebook page to order, as well.

What payments do you accept?
Through the website, you must use paypal – you can pay from an existing account or click the link that allows you to quickly pay with a credit card without an account.

If you order by emailing or through a facebook message, we can send you a paypal invoice, or you can send an email money transfers, cheque or money order. If using a cheque, we will need to wait for it to clear before mailing your purchase.

How do I care for my collar and leashes?
The best way is to wash in cold water by hand in mild detergent like Zero, or cleanser designed for intimates, and hang to dry. Although, we do have customers who have thrown theirs into a cold wash and hung to dry, and all was good!  We have had some customers let us know that our bright red webbing can run when wet (if you dog is often in a lake at summer or out in the snow in the winter).  Please keep that in mind when ordering.

Do you do custom orders?
Yes, we do. If we can do it, we’ll do it. Whether it is a larger collar or a longer/shorter leash.  Check out our Find Your Best Fit page for more information.

Can I change the webbing?
Yes, you can.  We show the collars on the best webbing choice (sometimes two options) we can.  But, if you want it on a different webbing as a personal preference, we can do that if we have the color available in the width needed.  Standard colors are:  black, navy, chocolate, purple, olive, orange, raspberry, bright red, dark red and royal blue.

I own a style of collar and wanted another, but it is no longer on your website. Is it still available?
Contact us and describe it or send a pic and we may still have some short ends to make a collar.

Are all your styles online?
We try to have all of them online.  Sometimes we get some really cool styles in a really small quantities and we generally reserve those for the shows, but since we have no shows in our foreseeable future, we may be adding  small quantities section on our website.

How long until I get my order?
It depends on how big your personal order is but if it is one or two pieces, order generally take a week to a week-and-a-half before they are shipped.  We do not keep inventory on hand and make each piece as it is ordered.

I live near Wolfville, can I pick up my collar/leash?
As the business has grown, this has become more difficult.  But, we can still do some drop offs.  Email to discuss and see if it is feasible for both of us.

How are items shipped?
Items are shipped via Canada Post. Canada Post fees are a bit crazy, to be honest. If it doesn’t fit through the letter slot, it ships as a parcel and the price jumps by a minimum of $6.00 A 1.5″ collar will ship for the same price as a collar and leash set.  Shipping and handling is now added automatically when you purchase online.

Are prices in Canadian dollars? 
The default is Canadian dollars.  But, you can change the currency by clicking the currency icon in the upper right hand corner.

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes we do. Follow the same payment process as for Canadian orders.

Is there tax on your collars and leashes?
We are still small enough that we don’t met the minimum threshold in revenue to collect tax. So, no, our items are not taxable. When we do, we will let you know here and on our facebook page.

Do you like to receive photos of dogs in our collars?
YES! We will love to add to the collar’s page here so future customers can see how the collar looks on an actual pretty pup!  And, we always try to post on our facebook page.  Please email, FB message me or go ahead and post on our facebook page!