Izzie Bean Handmade Collars are made one at a time with lots of love and attention to detail.  My Mom and I started Izzie Bean in 2009.  After ordering several lovely but pricey collars online, we realized maybe we could make some affordable, stylish and durable collars ourselves.  Within a month I was selling them to friends. Within two months we went to our first show.  And, well, it just went from there!  Even though we are a micro company, we take what we do seriously (while also having lots of fun).  Mom is no longer with us, but the tradition of using only the highest grade webbing, woven trim (no fabric) and the strongest hardware continues and will never change.  We’d only want the best for Izzie and Bean (meet them here) and know you’d only want the same for your fur family member.

We introduce new styles in the spring and fall.  And, all our styles are available for sale here or at select retailers.  We love getting photos, so make sure to share your favorite pics with us showcasing your pups and their Izzie Bean collars or leash.

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